Only The Best Housing

About Only the Best Housing

Benefits of Using Our Corporate Housing

  • Less expensive than a hotel
  • Quiet
  • Ability to entertain
  • Full kitchen
  • Privacy
  • Storage
  • Full laundry

Home Owner Opportunities

Thank you for considering us for your rental needs. We take our business very seriously and will aggressively market it to the widest audience. Below is the complete step by step process of what to expect as we walk through the process of renting your home.

  • Staging: We may come to your home, meet with you and take photos. We will most likely offer suggestions as to what we see as a barrier to getting the most rent. Many times it is as simple as removing “stuff”. We’ve found through feedback from our clients that they generally like clean, modern, comfortable but minimal surroundings. Outdated floral or checkered sofas, afghans, and plastic flowers don’t photograph well and will rear their ugly heads in the rents we are able to get for you.
  • Advertising: The photos and description of the property will be placed on the website and on the free sites as well. If you are trying to rent your property yourself and have ads out, your prices have to be in line with ours. We have no desire to compete with the owner.
  • Your Decision: At that time you will tell us what you would like for rent, security deposit, whether you will accept pets and if so what limitations (breed, weight, etc.) you will set on those pets. You will tell us what you are willing to include. Most furnished units include the cable and Wi-Fi in the rent.
  • Cleaning: Based on the size of your home, we will determine what the cleaning fee will be. The cleaning fee is paid by the client to you at the same time the rent is paid. After the client moves out it is your responsibility to schedule a cleaning. We sometimes have contacts in the area of good cleaning people and you may want to consider using one of them. On occasion we have owners want to clean the unit themselves and we will have no issue with it as long as your standards are similar to ours. Remember, it’s our reputation on the line.
  • Application: If your contract is with a company we don’t do a background search. Your tenant is the Tenant and the Traveler is only the occupant. The rents are guaranteed by the placement agency. In all other cases we send the client an application. The application will entail getting a copy of the driver’s license and pay stubs of all adults, employment verification, Circuit Court Check , reference check and credit report. Anything over and above is your responsibility.
  • Contract: Once we are given your approval we will draw up the contract. This is your contract. You have total control. Your signature, not ours, is at the bottom. We do try to read the statutes frequently and we make every effort to stay on top of changes that may affect the rental market but we are not Attorneys. We strongly encourage you to contact an Attorney with any legal questions, concerns or disputes. After you review and approve the contract it is sent to the client. They are instructed to sign it and scan it to you. You then sign it and either scan it back to them. We don’t need or want a signed copy.
  • Non-Standard Rent Provisions: Along with the contract you will also be provided a list of non-standard rent provisions. Those are items that are not included in the standard contract and you want to bring it to the attention of the tenant. They will initial each line. Please make any necessary changes to this document as well. You know your property better than we do.
  • Deposit: The deposit is due at the time the contract is signed and it is not legal until you obtain the funds. We tell the client to scan the contract back to you and drop the check in the mail at the same time. You need to call, text or email us that you have received the funds. Until we know that you have a signed contract, with a deposit, we will continue to pursue the renting of your home. We generally allow five days from the time the client receives the contract to when you should receive the deposit.
  • Check in Sheet: We will provide you a check in sheet. The client is to walk through the home and list anything that falls short of excellence. Whether it is a scratch on the furniture or a stain on the carpet, they are to write it down. You are to take possession of the check in sheet and provide the client a copy. The client’s signature needs to be at the bottom. On the day of move out you are to take the check in sheet and compare any damage to what is already on the sheet. I will assist you in assessing a damage fee and writing up the letter to the client or company for withholding funds.
  • Responsiveness: It’s so important to be responsive when we call. So frequently we need an answer to our questions and we need it quickly. That being said, we totally understand that many people have obligations, family, jobs, life… and can’t be tied to their phones.
  • We are Not Managers: Property managers take 30% of your monthly rent or an entire month of rent if contracting for a year. In exchange they handle all of the middle of the night and weekend calls. They arrange maintenance and they handle evictions. We are not managers. We are strictly rental agents. We rent your property and then you take over.
  • We Don’t Act as Real Estate Agents: Real Estate Agents can show property and tell the client where the property lines are. They are able to negotiate land contracts and sales. Although some of us actually do have a real estate license that is not what you signed on for. We are rental agents.
  • The Bad Side of Land-Lording: From time to time we come across a landlord who just doesn’t want to make improvements or repairs to the property and tries to swindle clients out of their security deposit. We have no desire to be involved in illegal activities and will cut ties quickly.
  • Commission: After you have received a signed contract and a deposit we will invoice you for 20% of one month’s rent or 20% of a block of time. If your home rents for $2000 per month and we rent it for 3 months you will receive a bill for $400. If we rent your lake house for $1500 per week and we rent it for 3 weeks you will receive a bill for $300. We try to book for the longest period of time because we know it will make you happy, want to keep us around and we hope that you will be so happy with our service that you will tell your friends.